The warehouse equipment service

Today, the merchants of Netease commodity display and pop store subordinating to Netease Kola overseas shopping arrive High Store Tech, and visit our warehouse by the lead of relevant person in charge.

(The merchants are visiting High Store warehouse.)

Depending on the quality goods, low price and first-rate service, Netease Kola wins the broad fond of domestic overseas shopping consumers, and constantly leads the change and progress of consumers’ life style. Thus Netease is quite strict with commodity’s quality and consumer experience.

(The right one: the people in charge of the Netease domestic warehouse - Zhiwei Zheng)

 (The right one: the people in charge of the global warehouse integration - Yupeng Qiu)

So what does High Store warehouse look like? Let’s have a look.


As a service provider of Netease Kola, High Store Tech sets up warehouse in the worldwide, which has rich experience in the customs clearance of foreign goods, and always dedicate in systematic, intelligent and accurate warehouse management. We adopt self-developed WMS system, which enable branding company makes seamless connection with platform information. It effectively control and trace the entire business process of logistics and cost management, balance the supply chain mechanism, and achieve perfect enterprise storage information management.


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