The training of comprehensive test area

        High Store actively cooperated with the publicity and training of comprehensive test area playing the role of innovative and entrepreneurial training base.

        Today, a two-day training began. It is the third phase of cross-border e-commerce training with the concept of all win and powerise, and it is also the second phase of Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area (Xiasha area) topic training.

        As one of the sponsors, Hangzhou Economic Development Area Administration Committee arranged teaching classes combining lectures with site visit, helping participants deeper understand relevant policies, and learning successful cases, innovational running, and management strategies about cross-border electronic commerce.

        The course arranged in this afternoon was site visit, including the introduction of Hangzhou Comprehensive test area and Xiasha Park, the visiting of key warehouses and model enterprises warehouses. As one of the two visited bonded warehouses, we provided an on-site experience of warehouse processes.

        For best result, the elites of our company specially compiled and handed out detailed data about cross-border e-commerce customs and warehouse processes. On the scene, the persons in charge of customs and locale task explained the operation procedure of every link and crucial time nodes to the participants in detail. The way of theoretical explanation combining with site visit leaded to the deeper understand of cross-border e-commerce customs and storage operation. At the same time, the operation center director and industry veteran answered learners’ questions about the process of setting in and running, which made them realize this kind of job better.

        Hangzhou High Store Technology Co., LTD., as an enterprise mainly with storage and relevant back-end supply chain in China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, is always ready to cooperate with the work development of comprehensive test area, and the relevant works of other government department to create the best China cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area together. Meanwhile, the CEO of our company expressed that High Store Technology would hold absolutely positive attitude and action to coordinate with the activities that facilitate the work in comprehensive test area, trying to create a better industry operation environment.


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