Company location: our head office locates in Hangzhou. As “a city of e-commerce”, Hangzhou has the advantage that is incomparable for any other cities, no matter in resource sharing, related industries talents, or government incentive policies. It will certainly bring us more efficient quality service than the competitors in business in other cities.

Warehouse location: presently, our warehouses mainly locate in Hangzhou and Zhenzhou. The e-commerce can choose anyone of them according to their business requirements. At the same time, the warehouses in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Tianjing are all under actively construction.

Hangzhou warehouse: Hangzhou is a city with absolute advantage in soft environment and policy of cross-border e-commerce industry. Since Hangzhou government leading relevant government agencies strongly encourage the development of cross-border industry, it provides us more convenience in the operation of each link, and save us much time in the links of customs clearance and checking out.

Zhenzhou warehouse: Zhenzhou locates in the middle-China. As a national transportation hub, it is advanced in railway, aviation, and expressway. No matter in the distance or in the type of arriving, Zhenzhou is more convenient to get to any other city. Therefore, we have great advantage in transportation.

Company management: before induction, our senior executives have plentiful experience for more than 15 years. Thus we have extensive business experience on work flow operation and the maintenance of business relations, and the affair influencing process and progress can be avoid. So we will win more business opportunities while doing business expansion.

Technology team: we have our own professional technical team to develop and maintain the WMS storage management system. They are always be able to customize distinct service on the business and request of customers.


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